2014    Fondazione Benetton Art Collection – Treviso (I)

2013    Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano (I) 

2011    Autonome Province of Bolzano South Tyrol – Bolzano (I)

2010    Mango Collection - Barcelona (E)

2009    Collection Ernesto Ventós Omedes – Barcelona (E)

2009    San Marino State Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art – San Marino

2007    Art Collection of “Cisco Systems Inc.” - Milan (I)

2006    “Collection Thun”, five-panel work for the administrative headquarters of the Thun Corporation – Bolzano (I)

2005 Parkhotel Laurin Art Collection – Bolzano (I)

2004    Benedictine Monastery of Muri-Gries for the College of St. Benedict (Gate triptych) Bolzano (I)

2001    Large Cross for the City of Laives (I)

1999    “Kambly Art Collection”, 11th Edition – Trubschachen (CH)

1998    Art Collection - Volksbank– Merano (I)

1998    “Collection Thun”, six large works for its headquarters in Bolzano (I)

1996    Art collection of the Salzburger Kredit & Wechsel Bank - Salzburg (A)

1995    Art Collections of the headquarters of the Banca Commerciale Italiana Comit - Milan (I)

1991    Autonome Province Province of Bolzano, South Tyrol (I)

1988    Via Crucis in bronze, Church of the Franciscans – Bolzano (I)